Strategic Planning

      In many cases, before moving forward to create a strategic plan, we must reflect upon where we have been, where we presently are, and where we want to be – Where we see ourselves. During this initial phase of discovery, assessing the critical items in a step-by-step process will lead to a successful conclusion. Moving too quickly through the process or skipping steps will not produce the desired outcome. However, intentionally working through the process will more likely lead to actionable results.

      A well-designed strategic plan serves as the foundation to build upon prior to executing a business alignment strategy. In order to meet the long-term objective of achieving sustainable success, it is imperative to incorporate into the planning a solid company structure and clearly defined corporate goals and objectives. Floro & Associates uses both proven and creative methods when partnering with executives to develop each component of a strategic plan.

Typical components include:

  • A 1-3-5-Year Blueprint
  • Alignment and Succession Planning
  • Short, Medium and Long-term Goals
  • A Competitive Analysis
  • New Market Opportunities
  • Organic Growth and Growth through Acquisition
  • A Defined Return on Investment