Floro & Associates works closely with domestic and global manufacturers to establish attainable goals and drive measurable success.  With over twenty years working with domestic and global manufacturing companies, including many years as a representative council member with multiple companies, Dennis Floro has built positive and lasting relationships with a number of key manufacturers and their leadership teams across many industries.  His involvement in these businesses has allowed him to identify areas of improvement, facilitate growth, and promote positive change.  Benefits to the manufacturers he has worked with have included distributor channel alignment and the identification of additional key distributors and markets.  Floro & Associates understands business and works with manufacturers in product distribution, control systems and services.  Manufacturing leaders have sought out the advice and assistance of Floro & Associates to positively impact their results.




*  Manufacturer and distributor channel alignment

*  Identifying potential "key" distributors in specific markets

*  Develop and implement yearly Strategic Plans to assure mutual growth and goal achievement for the manufacturer and distributor

*  Executive Coaching