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    People may be in different businesses but similar and valid concerns often span across many industries. All corporate leaders deal with issues surrounding growth, personnel, planning and alignment. What would business today look like if we first realized, “We are all in the same boat,” and we then leveraged our collective insights and experiences by working together to achieve common goals? How much smoother the voyage would be!

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Dennis Floro, Founder and CEO of Floro & Associates, is a senior executive with over twenty-five years of professional business experience. Before forming Floro & Associates, he spent the prior fourteen years as President and CEO of a national industrial automation and products distribution company catering to the oil & gas, petrochemical, refining and energy markets. In addition to leading industrial and engineered products businesses, he has most recently led building automation and HVAC companies resulting from a number of successful mergers and acquisitions. Working with executive leadership teams across the country, Dennis has facilitated success and exceeded the desired results through the alignment and execution of marketing, sales, operations and engineering initiatives. In addition, he has developed processes to ensure improved customer satisfaction as well as increased market share and profitability. Simply put, he is well known for bringing creative insights and strategic solutions to build global businesses.

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      As business leaders, most of us are constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves and our organizations. We read books and literature, attend seminars and tradeshows, and even make valiant attempts to restructure from time to time. Inevitably, a myriad of operational issues and concerns disrupt our ability to consistently put into practice the great lessons and techniques we’ve acquired, making implementation very difficult if not impossible to achieve.

      If only we had a Personal Guide who could provide effective tools and proven methods that could be readily put into practice, partnering with us to identify and target our specific areas of need, and then facilitate obtaining the favourable results we desire by helping methodically plan and execute each step. Access to such a Guide could greatly increase the likelihood of making steady progress and, ultimately, allow us to grow our business the way we had always envisioned, the end result being an efficient, productive and profitable operation.

I believe in the power of relationships, both personal and professional. My experience has shown me that the best results are achieved by having respect for people and their ideas, an open and honest environment, and people working together to achieve common goals. This philosophy has served as the basis of my success. Just as important, however, is the need to establish clear business reasons for doing business. My greatest success has come as I have helped the organization and departments identify clear desired results, identified specific barriers to those results, developed concrete evidence of problems, and helped them understand consequences and implications of not addressing the problem. This has proven to be the difference in an environment and economy where budgets are tight. With a clear business case established, this work is seen as a strategic imperative and leads to success.


Dennis Floro has 30 Years Experiance, and a great track record


Professionals On Your Side...

Dennis is the ultimate professional with a high level of CEO skills and the utmost of integrity, trust and honesty.


Dennis Floro is simply one of the most organized and focused businessmen I know. He is disciplined and very intentional about every issue or assignment he takes on. Experience is generally measured only in years, but that can often be misleading. Dennis’ experience is proven - through results, growth, and development and sustainability of his organizations. I have learned to listen to Dennis and often solicit his input and insights when dealing with an important decision. In the end, I want to trust my advisors, and I trust Dennis Floro.

Mike Sackett